Les Créatives de Demain

Nice, France

Les Créatives de Demain Association is a non-governmental organization established in Nice, France, and conducting international studies. Creative Culture Industries, which are seen as a key component of the economy in the social context today, constitute the main area of activity of Les Créatives de Demain. The organization develops new projects within the Creative Culture Industries by including holistic arts, cultural heritage and cultural entrepreneurship and creates international collaborations for the realization of these projects.


In general context;  Les Créatives de Demain aims to carry out training and awareness raising activities on“Creative Cultural Industries”,  “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”and “Sports”,  to develop scientific-based research and conservation projects, to carry out studies by establishing local, national and international collaborations supporting the development of sustainable business models, to carry out activities and projects supporting and disseminating sporting activities that will contribute to sustainable development, to carry out activities in the field of creative industries within the scope of sustainable development goals, to carry out initiatives and projects related to sports entrepreneurship.