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Brussels, Belgium
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European Development Institute (EDI) fosters the development, employment, education, and cross-sectoral cooperation by providing individuals and organizations around Europe with transformational project experiences. Since establishment, more than 5,000 disadvantaged young, business and non-profit leaders, and university students from 20 countries have participated in the EDI's education, training programs, and projects.
EDI is focused on three main areas; employment & education, green economics, culture, & creative industries. The founders are professional individuals with nearly 30 years of experience in business, projects, and civil society. The Brussels-based organization has been involved in a number of projects with different institutions across the EU in the field of development.

EDI is the founder and executive of the European Development Netwok which has more than 25 different organizations (non-governmental organizations, private companies, universities, municipalities, enterprises) from Europe. (

It carries out different activities within this scope;

• Producing and implementing projects that will lead to vocational and personal development for young people with limited opportunities and/or at risk of social exclusion from the market

• Sharing the work and experiences from different institutions across Europe, under working areas good practice and transferring innovations

• To produce viable, transferable professional educational programs with complementary including standardization and evaluation guides.

• Creating new projects across Europe that will ensure young people to acquire qualified professions

• Networking between representatives from experts, youth workers, academics and private sector employees and to contribute their organizational capacity.

• Dissemination and lobbying efforts towards Brussels-based EU institutions.