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Digi-Art Online Training Program Call For Participants!

Digi-Art Online Training Program Call For Participants!
“Are you a creative professional interested in digital and media arts?” Digi-Art Online Training Program is now open for applications and we are looking for participants.
We are working on an international training program that aims to inspire and guide you through the digital transition of cultural and creative professionals.
The program consists of 3 weeks of online talks and panels (3 sessions per week). On the 4th week there will be an entrepreneurship forum as a subsidiary part of the Digi-Art Program. These sessions are conducted on Zoom, and the general public can also view them on YouTube. Communication primarily takes place through Slack. The link will be shared with participants.

DIGI-ART Partners Gathered in Porto for Co-Creation Activity

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In the ever-evolving digital and media arts landscape, artists often face unique challenges and opportunities. Recognizing the need to support and guide aspiring artists, the Digi-Art project was initiated by EKA Creative Studio in collaboration with Les Creatives des Demain, European Development Institute (EDI), Education and Future Technologies Association (EFTA), and CRU Creative Hub. On May 5, a remarkable panel discussion and workshop took place at Land Porto, Portugal, bringing together experienced professionals and passionate artists. This blog highlights this enlightening event’s key objectives, activities, and outcomes.

The panel discussion aimed to broaden participants’ horizons by delving into the challenges and opportunities encountered in relevant fields. Through the lens of the speakers’ personal experiences, the session offered insights and inspiration, encouraging participants to explore new avenues in their artistic endeavors.

Following the panel discussion, the workshop focused on potential paths within the digital art realm. By addressing the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of creating and distributing art, participants gained valuable insights to guide their artistic journey.

The workshop incorporated various engaging activities to facilitate learning and interaction, including a food service by Scrambled Farm. Participants were encouraged to imagine their personas using the empathy canvas, fostering a deeper understanding of their target audience. Ice-breakers were employed to create a comfortable and welcoming environment, allowing attendees to connect and collaborate with each other.

The workshop concluded with a reflection phase, during which participants shared their insights and learnings. Here are the highlights of the key takeaways from this empowering session:

1. Bridging the Gap: Traditional artists often face challenges in translating their art into the digital medium. Adapting and leveraging digital tools becomes essential for expanding their artistic horizons.

2. Upskilling for Success: Artists need to acquire skills in selling and distributing their art through digital media platforms. Upskilling is crucial to navigate the digital landscape effectively and reach a wider audience.

3. Time and Creative Space: Creating impactful digital art requires dedicated time and a conducive creative environment. Providing artists with the necessary space and resources allows them to put forth their best efforts.

4. Expert Guidance: Mentoring and training from experienced professionals play a vital role in nurturing artistic talent. Access to experts can provide valuable insights, guidance, and practical knowledge.

5. Building a Community: Artists seek connections and a sense of belonging within a supportive artistic community. Networking opportunities foster collaboration, inspiration, and a shared sense of purpose.

6. Visibility and Audience: Artists aspire to have their work seen and appreciated. Establishing an online presence and attracting an audience is crucial for recognition and career growth.

7. Navigating the Digital Landscape: With an abundance of digital tools available, artists often feel overwhelmed and need help to keep up. Balancing time and energy to stay updated can be a daunting task, leading to missed opportunities.

8. Seeking Partnerships: Artists actively seek partnerships and collaborations to enhance their creative projects. Collaborative efforts allow for the exchange of ideas, resources, and the realization of ambitious artistic visions.

The insights and outcomes gathered from the panel discussion and workshop are invaluable resources that will shape the learning program envisioned as part of the Digi-Art project.

In addition to these insights, it was very valuable for us to hear what the participants shared during the workshop. Serra, one of the artist participants in the event we held, stated that she enjoyed meeting with artists from different disciplines and talking about the possibilities of artificial intelligence during the event. The team she worked with had discussed the potential relevance of Microsoft’s Office Assistant “Clippy,” which many of us know, to today’s AI tools. It was invaluable for us to discuss these challenges and potentials this way. By addressing the challenges and aspirations of artists in the digital and media arts, this program aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to help artists thrive in their creative pursuits.

Stay tuned for updates on the forthcoming learning program, where artists will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills, mentorship, and networking opportunities to excel in the digital art realm. The Digi Art project is committed to empowering artists and fostering a vibrant community of digital creators.

Continue to follow our journey as we embark on this exciting endeavor to unlock the full potential of artists in the digital age. Together, we can shape the future of digital art and cultivate a thriving ecosystem for artistic expression.



Digi-Art – Developing Vocational Education Training Programme Compatible with Metaverse and NFT Production officially started with the online kick-off meeting on 4 March 2023. The project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Education Formation is going to last for 12 months.

The Digi-Art project mainly aims to make more relevant the practiced digital art VET program to the current and future needs of the economy and creative community.

During the kick-off meeting partners met with each other while going deeper to the project and coming up with creative ideas!

The project is implemented under the Coordination of Les Créatives de Demain from Nice, France. The project consortium consists of 5 institutions, including the Coordinator. These are;

  • Les Créatives de Demain (Nice, France)
  • European Development Institute ASBL/VZW (Brussels, Belgium)
  • EFTA (İzmir, Turkey)
  • EKA (İstanbul, Turkey)
  • Cru (Porto, Portugal)

Stay tuned for more news about the project!