The Covid-19 pandemic and the full closures implemented during this period affected the artists and the creative community the most economically.

It was seen that artistic activities such as virtual exhibitions and digital artworks were not sufficient, and the artists sought different ways. Meanwhile, the rapidly spreading blockchain and metaverse craze has spawned NFT production and sales.

However, at this point, it has been revealed that the talent development or digital art education is given in academies is not sufficient. In a world that is rapidly digitalizing and facing pandemic situations, the Digi-Art project aims to open a new field of activity for artists and to develop the vocational training program they need in the fields of metaverse and NFT production.


In addition to the main objective, the specific objectives of the project are as follows;

The Digi-Art project targets two distinct groups through the implementation of the Digi-Art VET Programme, the 5-week Digi-Art VET implementation, the C-Art Platform, and the International Digi-Art Exhibition.

The first group comprises artists specializing in digital art, encompassing various disciplines such as animation, illustration, visual effects, video production, photography, and game design.

The second group comprises artists from traditional art backgrounds, including painters and sculptors, who aim to explore the realm of NFTs and the metaverse by extending their artistic works beyond the boundaries of traditional mediums.

By catering to these two distinct groups, the Digi-Art project seeks to foster collaboration and innovation within the digital art sphere while providing opportunities for traditional artists to explore new horizons in the digital realm.

The achievement of specific objectives will be accomplished with the following outcomes;

Digi-Art Training


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C-Art Creative
Community Platform


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