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EKA Creative Studio organized the Digi-ART Community Gathering in Istanbul, where 30 individuals from various domains collaborated and brainstormed solutions for challenges addressed in the Digi-ART VET Programme. The gathering spanned five days and included a three-day workshop experience focused on creative problem-solving using the Double Diamond framework. Led by an experienced facilitator & community designer, Busra Serdar, who’s also a community member at EKA Creative Studio, the workshops were structured around four stages: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver, providing a structured yet flexible approach to design.

Day 1

Participants in the program in Istanbul had a chance to meet and interact during the Opening Circle. On the first day, we introduced the program’s objectives and discussed the challenges faced by participants. These challenges were organized into themes such as Creative Exploration & Innovation, Ethics, Authenticity, Sustainability, Artistic Engagement, Vulgarization, and Entrepreneurship Skills in Digital Art. We also presented a sample creative journey of a digital artist as a template for participants to design their hero and journey.

Day 2

On the first day of the workshop, participants used a template canvas to conceptualize a hero figure linked to digital art creation. They were tasked with crafting a journey for this hero and identifying pain points and areas of opportunity. The purpose was to teach prioritization based on impact, feasibility, and relevance to artists in the digital art landscape. They then formulated a “How Might We” question to tackle a pain point or improvement area during the next day’s ideation exercises.

Day 3

During the second day of the workshop, participants brainstormed solutions to address a question they identified. They used dot-voting to select a single idea for further development. As they worked on conceptualizing their chosen idea, they addressed two questions: how it works and what makes it successful. These questions guided the development of feasible and effective services to help digital artists.

Day 4

Each group presented their concepts on the workshop’s final day and received feedback. The presented ideas focused on learning new tools and facilitating access to opportunities for skill development and peer learning. Participants emphasized the importance of building a community among digital artists and enthusiasts. Following the presentations, participants engaged in a reflection exercise and pinned their favorite digital artists for recognition by their peers. The evening concluded with a complimentary dinner shared among participants.

Day 5

On the final day of the gathering, participants went on a field trip to a video art gallery called Bilsart. They explored the artworks and gained insights into the artists and the context of the exhibition. The experience inspired participants and offered valuable information about Turkey’s digital art scene and job opportunities. Feedback highlighted areas for improvement, including producing digital art as a desired outcome and difficulties for participants who joined midway.


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