Digi-Art – Developing Vocational Education Training Programme Compatible with Metaverse and NFT Production officially started with the online kick-off meeting on 4 March 2023. The project that is co-funded by Erasmus+ Education Formation is going to last for 12 months.

The Digi-Art project mainly aims to make more relevant the practiced digital art VET program to the current and future needs of the economy and creative community.

During the kick-off meeting partners met with each other while going deeper to the project and coming up with creative ideas!

The project is implemented under the Coordination of Les Créatives de Demain from Nice, France. The project consortium consists of 5 institutions, including the Coordinator. These are;

  • Les Créatives de Demain (Nice, France)
  • European Development Institute ASBL/VZW (Brussels, Belgium)
  • EFTA (İzmir, Turkey)
  • EKA (İstanbul, Turkey)
  • Cru (Porto, Portugal)

Stay tuned for more news about the project!

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